Waking up in the morning...

Those of us in college or fresh off the press probably understand this better than most. Getting up in the morning is hard. Admittedly, some people such as myself can jump up the instant their alarm sounds, regardless of how little sleep they've had, and get cracking (though we still seem as the living dead). The majority of people I know are not so fortunate.

For those of you who are like my roommates and have to set their alarms about an hour earlier than necessary just so that when they finally stop hitting the snooze they don't miss their class, there is hope.

In any case, I am continually suprised by mankind's ability to fail to get up in the morning.

Now consider how hard it is to wake up from the dead.

Somehow, it just seems semi-ironic how we all struggle weakly with getting up the morning, meanwhile today we celebrate a man who woke up from the eternal sleep.

That must have been one incredible alarm clock.

Happy Easter.

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