Long Overdue

Despite the fact that Deus Ex: Human Revolution was released over six months ago I have yet to mention it here. My thoughts on the game are long overdue.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of those rare games that transcends its flaws and mistakes to become unforgettable. Even now the mere mention of its name draws out the memory of the distinctive music, the complexity of the central theme, and the depth of its characters. The game leaves a mark on you, and stays with you well after it is completed.

If I had to choose, I would call this the best game of 2011. Yes, that means it beats even Portal 2 in my opinion. While Portal 2 was a hilarious and whimsical return to a wonderful universe it did not leave the same deep mark. When I hear the Deus Ex theme I long to play the game again, even though it has been so short a time since I completed it.

I highly recommend the game to anyone and everyone. You may not agree in the end that it was as good as my high praise claims, but at worst you will play a very good game.



My phone fell apart and now I have an iPhone.

Apps are nice, but most of them seem to be repackaged information for people who can't be bothered to use the internet. The iPhone is a vehicle for spontaneity. That sounds cool but ultimately if you're slightly organized it means you don't really need the iPhone for anything beyond calling people.

At least in my case that's true. Someone whose job/life involves fairly constant communication/on the road work probably has more use for a portable internet.


Backlog Resolutions

I have an extensive back-catalog of video games. This is, essentially, my video game TODO list (in no particular order).

1) Replay Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Those were great games, and soon enough I'll be itching for a 3DS to play the next title.
1b) Maybe finish Super Paper Mario sometime.
2) Finish Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess so that I can then feel good about buying Skyward Sword and leaving it in my back catalog for a few years.
3) Finish Ninja Gaiden 2. It's freaking ninjas yo, and apparently there's another one on the way.
4) Finish Dragon Age, play Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. I like good voice acting and stories. Why can't I finished these games?
5) Finish Dynasty Warriors 7. It's so freaking good, finish it already.
6) Finish Bastion. This should really be my first priority before someone spoils everything for me.
7) Finish Metroid Prime 3. No, you don't get to replay 1 and 2, not until you finish 3. Seriously, how are you so bad at finishing these great games?
8) Play Okami. You have it sitting around from Gamefly. If you can't be bothered to play your Gamefly games you might as well cancel your subscription you silly person.
9) Speaking of which, you have a nice long list of games to play in the form of your Gamefly queue. Dear lord, there's like 20 of them.

Can someone add a week to the year? I seriously need 7 days to make a dent in this or something.



Okay Firefox. I know you're a very popular browser, but you seriously need to calm down with all the updates. I'm sure you think Firefox 8 is extremely exciting, but you seriously need to chill out. At the start of the year we were on Firefox 3. That version lasted a good two and a half years. Then you came out with 4 and gave it all of three months before 5 came out, and while we were still considering how strange that was you came out with 6. Now 8 is out and I haven't even finished coming to terms with the existence of 7.

If you're going to update constantly stick to classic version number conventions. Unless you have some divine software engineers working for you two months is not sufficient time to design and develop code worthy of a new whole number.

Today's Fortune: No Future

Today's fortune cookie did not have a fortune in it. I can therefore only assume I have no future.

I mean, I suppose I could succumb to the wishful thinking that this was some sort of mechanical error on the part of the fortune cookie machines, but we all know that's impossible.


Yo Dawg

To make money websites with videos will use advertisements. Generally these take the form of an advertisement you must watch before the video can load, or some sort of banner ad which appears over the video itself in a corner or a the bottom.

I just had both happen at once, an ad for a restaurant which also had a banner advertising the very same restaurant pop up to obscure the ad.

Insert appropriate meme here.