Franklin: When my pajamas were five.

Hai guys. My name is Franklin. I am glad to see you today! It can be hard sometimes with my eyes closed, but I manage.

I wasn't always able to see people with my eyes shut. It was a gift I aquired when my pajamas were five. For some reason my birthday was never celebrated in my family. Instead, my pajamas had a party thrown for them. While my siblings would get toy trucks and pretty dolls and dresses, my pajamas would get their car payments paid for and various items I would later see my parents using. It was when my pajamas turned five that life went terribly wrong.

You see, I decided that I'd get something for my pajamas, just to show them that I didn't harbor any hard feelings. Those were reserved for the goal posts in the soccer field. Anyhoo, I asked my parents what my pajamas wanted for their birthday. They obviously were on speaking terms with my pajamas, because not only did they know what my pajamas wanted but were even able to get permission to borrow the gifts! My parents assured me they would ask.

It was then I got a bad case of both pink eye and conjunctivitus. I woke up one morning and found I could not see. This was a disaster! My pajamas' birthday was tomorrow and I needed to go out and buy the new step ladder they wanted. My parents assured me they could go in my stead if I just gave them the money I had saved, but it wouldn't be the same. I dressed myself as well as I could, and then departed on my errand.

Obviously, God wanted me to succeed in my endevour because I successfully got to and from the hardware store. You wouldn't believe how loud it can be in the downtown area. All the screeching and beeping horns, the screams and crashing noises of traffic, the various slanders and derogatory terms thrown about. I mean what is this world coming to?

My consternation at the current state of affairs in the center of my fair town aside, or not so fair as I might have liked, I prepared to present my gift to my pajamas. They were so happy they couldn't speak. But they did give me a big hug with help from my mother. That was all I needed. From then on it because my childhood dream to find the perfect give for my pajamas each year. I would work tirelessly, and did, to make enough money to purchase whatever my pajamas wanted for their birthday.

It was at that moment that my metaphorical eyes were opened and I began to be able to see with my eyes shut.

So that's how I can say I'm glad to see you.

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