Halo 2

Anyone who hasn't and will not play or watch Halo 2 should just not bother reading anything that follows.

I play Halo 2. I love Halo 2. There are rumors, facts, and speculations regarding an expantion pack to Halo 2.

The following is a wishlist of additions to Halo 2 I want to see.

1. Add the Fusion Pulse Cannon into Multiplayer.
2. Incorporate the Brute Plasma Rifle, the Sentinel Beam, and the Fusion Pulse Cannon into multiplayer maps.
3. Add some revamped original Halo maps.
4. Add a full ending.

The first two should be rather easy and simple, and ironically are the ones I want more than anything. I can understand if the later ones, especially the last, are not given. I really won't care. I'm more interested in new and interesting ways of killing my best buddies.

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