Oh brain of mine, sweet thoughts so fine,
where soul and flesh both intertwine,
don't wander so for 'ere you go,
when you return I will not know.
Such hours zoned and grades are boned,
no subtle hinting can be toned,
if you away and there will stay,
a dreadful 'F' will transcripts say.
So fatty lump, pink, wrinkled bump,
I have no secret, hopeful trump,
by which I'm sure that I'll endure,
as you accede to spaced's alure.
I'm mortified, no, zombified,
when you depart my thinks have died.
Or perhaps not, have you my thought?
Did you sneak hence with all I've wrought?
I beg you mind, don't be unkind,
without you I can not unwind,
or do my work, you selfish jerk,
brainless, I have not one lone perk.
I grovel brain, I'll go insane,
through all this speech I think it plain,
I need you right, and left's insight,
both lobes please set my hopes alight,
Exams soon come for art and sum,
still many projects must be done!
So brain of mine, I plead and whine,
give me the slightest of a sign,
that in short time, while in my prime,
together once again we'll chime.

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