A House(ing) Divided

Verily I say unto thee, a red day has dawned. So long have our eyes been blind! Blind as the crowbitten corpses that line the streets. Battles have been fought, and war is upon us all. Division! The multiplication of tension leaves us all sundered.

Times were not always as these. It seems as just the day before, and it verily was, that peaceful slumber woke to bright sun of blissful ignorance. Yet today this was all shattered, our eyes have opened to our depravity.

For years the houses of Fry and Smith, Miller and Hess, Gratham and Mountain View, Naugle and Witmer all lived at peace. Even the great fortresses, Klein, Jordan, Frey, Boyer and Cli'menh Aga stood silent in their rest. None were aware nor cared of the vast inequality between them! Forsooth, were it not for the words of the prophet Amy Wolf, we would all have remained blissfully unaware that Smith was better than Fry, that Mountain View more spacious than Miller, and that Cli'menh Aga is largely ignored save by artists in need of a decrepit old building to paint.

After a short time of initial shock, the terrible battles began. No negotiation could prevent the terrible tide. Almost immediately Grantham became swarmed with the angered residents of Hess and Miller. Their position grim, the Granthamites fled to the nearby fortress of Jordan and Klein as refugees. The garrison there took them in unsure of events.

Battle in the southern complex was even more grim. No quick victories were assured to any side. Because of the inequality between Sollenberger, Mountain View and Bittner, none would side with the others. The hall joining the three was filled with battle and destruction. No decisive victor has yet suceeded there or in the field.

Naugle and Witmer, at first confused, turned against each other to claim the label of "Not quite the worst dorm on campus". The distance between the two has limited the fighting, but Naugle's position is grim. Caught between the waves of irate apartment dwellers from Fry assaulting Smith, Naugle can only hope to weather the tide and not be crushed.

Because of Smith's strategic position, it has easily fended off the other apartments seeking to destroy it. However, people such as myself can see in the near future the need to form an alliance with one of the surviving factions of the north complex. Without such a pact, the victor would surely spread their influence and gain control.

The fortresses have, as of yet, done nothing. However, it is said that in disgust some of the painters stopped their work on Cli'menh Aga and began painting Boyer instead. This could have dramatic reprecussions.

All we can do is praise Amy Wolf for her insight into these previously unseen dividing lines. I will continue this narrative as events transpire.

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