All my stuff was just now packed up, placed in a truck, and taken off to places uncharted and/or unknown. It took an hour and a half, three extremely buff and kind spanish-speaking movers, and a lot of standing around and feeling rather unhelpful and awkward.

Dad is probably relishing the reduced strain on the fuses from all the now departed electronics I was sporting.

In any case, to keep my mind off of the partially severed connection to my typical delights, I'll be getting myself a cell phone and probably going to see the new Pirates of the Carribean movie with my best friend. After that I'll fly out on Tuesday to Dallas to make sure the apartment I have on reserve is as awesome as I think it is, buy a car, and set up a bank account. I'll be returning Friday so that I don't miss an important person's birthday party, and then leaving again around Wednesday.

Time is flying by.

A Death in the Family

Recently, a long time member of our household bit the dust. He then sat floating in a semi-yellow pool of unclean water for two days before we realized it.

If you're quiet in life, you will surely pass quietly and probably unnoticed. Newton was very quiet.

For all the perils and mishaps he survived, the grim reaper finally caught up with him. I guess he finally got bored of Iraq and other troubled parts of the world and found the time to slaughter a lonely newt.

Farewell Newton, enjoy the great sewer in the sky.



If you're hearing about this for the first time here, it's a testament to the following:

1) How busy I've been.
2) How bad I really am at informing people.
3) Bear-riding mice wearing a fez.

In short, there is big news. I have a job.

In long, t h e r e i s b i g n e w s. I h a v e j o b.

In sanity, I recently (well, not recently anymore) had a job interview with Raytheon. The peculiar thing about this interview was that it was in Texas, 20 minutes away from where my grandparents and uncle's family live. Stranger still was that Raytheon deemed fit to fly me down there, equip me with a rental car, and pay for my meals. Oddity continued to climb when the rental car I was supposed to have reserved for me wasn't availible, and so I was given a free upgrade to a Monte Carlo LT (if an infinite number of monkeys can write shakespeare, what can an infinite number of horses do?).

Anyway, I interviewed down in Texas. The interview was far less stressful than I imagined it would be. I basically told two guys how awesome I was, an arduous task for me, and then listened to them try and convince me that Raytheon was equally awesome. Then they fingerprinted me and took a urine sample.

Odd, yes?

In any case, I got a job offer the Monday thereafter. I decided to be indecisive as rushing into what would obviously be an excellent experience for me, near to relatives and providing more than enough benefits and salary, would be too obvious. However, a cold, dagger-like wind came from the south every time I attempted to seriously consider turning down the job. I suspect that had I done so, certain southern folk by my mother's maiden name would have come for my head.

So yes, I have a job at Raytheon in Garland, Texas. I'll make gobs of money, have gobs of benefits, and be near gobs of relatives.

I also recently aquired an apartment about five to ten minutes away from work, and twenty from my relatives. $480 a month, 646 sq ft, no fireplace. I was adament about the fireplace. Up until that one I was astonished that every apartment in Texas had a fireplace where a bookshelf, a lamp or a TV would have been perfect. This is Texas folks, and not Texas from the Day After Tomorrow. It's not cold in Texas, ever.

So there you have it. I start work the 31st, I'll probably be down there the preceding Friday.

Part of me will miss being able to goof off all day. The rest of me is won over by te promise of great heaps of money.