Here's a surprise!

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It can be a little hard to see what's going on since my blog is all black, but use arrow keys and space for fun and humor.


Behind the Times

One of the odd things about living alone is that I no longer feel terribly inclined to play single player video games. When I'm playing, I want to be playing with people because I have plenty of time to be alone later.

The consequences of this are a giant backlog of games I haven't finished, and a strange indifference to new releases. Dead Rising 2 and another Front Mission game launch today, and the only reason I know is because someone posted a picture of a giant stuffed bear with an automatic weapon duct taped to it.


James Brown

I've started exercising every morning 6:30-7:00 PDT, followed by a shower. I've gone nine consecutive days so far. The real test, however, will be whether I am able to keep this pattern going during travel/sickness etc.

In the meantime, I feel good.


Still Alive

Duke Nukem Forever is actually being released. My mind has exploded.

I'm having random flashbacks to my childhood education. I think I can trace my obsession with logic to losing an argument over whether something costing a quarter in a penny store is expensive back in first grade.

Blizzcon in a little over a month. Bliss.