Research of Dr. Weis: Responsibility

Greetings from Dr. Weis!

Dr. Weis recently had unexpected opportunity for new research! The honorable Dr. Weis decide to share wisdom recieved through research on responsibility.

Like pen cap on pencil, Dr. Weis research many topics that day. In middle of research on chemical burns, head research assistant Svenn Yamato (the Jewish Arabian Drug Smuggler from Argentina, born and raised in the English outback and educated in the finest universities of Australia) have terrible accident. Dr. Weis, like pretzel at Boy Scout knot tying competition, research basic medic handbook. Know better than to research chemical burns while Svenn in pain unexpectedly! Dr. Weis instead make mental notes.

Dr. Weis lament lost opportunity for chemical burn research, as soul for worn shoe. Dr. Weis overjoyed at sudden ability to research responsibility!

Dr. Weis provide medical plan for all research assistants. All research can be hazardous, because until all research complete, chance remains of unexpected result! Dr. Weis has not yet disproven connection between Ketchup and Zombies. Svenn Yamato try to use medical plan to cover chemical burns. Svenn, like trainwreck in still life, shocked to find plan not cover chemical burns!

Question arise, who should pay for medical bill? Svenn was able to research again, but needed to pay hefty cost! Answer, like spraypainted squirrel in monochrome, is question! Who is responsible for accident?

Dr. Weis had no research to guide him and could not say! Svenn saw tv commercial for lawyer and ask him. Lawyer say, "Workplace at fault for being unsafe! They owe money!" Dr. Weis confused, workplace not have money. Dr. Weis have money. Very interesting.

Court day come, and Svenn testify. Lawyer ask Svenn, "Did you burn hands while conducting research?" Question answered, "Ah, so!" by Svenn. Lawyer ask, "You do research for Dr. Weis?" Question answered, "Ah, so!" by Svenn. Lawyer loudly proclaim responsibily of Dr. Weis for medical bill!

Dr. Weis, like birthday card at christmas, confused. Somehow, Dr. Weis had become workplace? Responsibility very confusing research topic indeed. What puzzle Dr. Weis more, Lawyer claim Dr. Weis pay more than medical bill, but bill for lawyer and royalty.

Dr. Weis know much about royalty. Many of Dr. Weis's ancient and honorable ancestor meet royalty. Many ancient and dishonorable ancestor meet royalty as well. Dr. Weis very confused how royalty involved.

The court of honorable Dr. Weis ruled that lawyer need go back to law school, and pay Dr. Weis for valuable lost research time, and pay Svenn for valuable time lost for research.

Research conclusion? More research required! Like spork in game of spoons, research must find point!

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