Okay Firefox. I know you're a very popular browser, but you seriously need to calm down with all the updates. I'm sure you think Firefox 8 is extremely exciting, but you seriously need to chill out. At the start of the year we were on Firefox 3. That version lasted a good two and a half years. Then you came out with 4 and gave it all of three months before 5 came out, and while we were still considering how strange that was you came out with 6. Now 8 is out and I haven't even finished coming to terms with the existence of 7.

If you're going to update constantly stick to classic version number conventions. Unless you have some divine software engineers working for you two months is not sufficient time to design and develop code worthy of a new whole number.

Today's Fortune: No Future

Today's fortune cookie did not have a fortune in it. I can therefore only assume I have no future.

I mean, I suppose I could succumb to the wishful thinking that this was some sort of mechanical error on the part of the fortune cookie machines, but we all know that's impossible.