There was once a man, a normal man, an abnormal man, and not a man at all. This was all one man, as paradoxical as it seems. This man has absolutely nothing, and everything to do with this record of events.

There is a great history to this man, an ongoing history that shall be recorded herein. For the sake of rememberence, some old tales must be recounted. Herein is the previous history of this man as it stands today.

Video games.

Such is this man, was this man and will be this man.

Chapter 1

Greetings from the depths of my cereal bowl. For the uninformed, this blog is probably not where you wanted to arrive to. You may now leave, but you must leave all articles pertaining to stupidity behind. You see, I like to collect it, it amuses me. Also, leave any spare randomness.

This is the first of a long line of infamies that will surely besmirch the internet in a juxtaposition of intelligence for years to come, and go I suppose.

Within this blog will be contained many aspects of me, because I'm self centered. I would included references to other people and whatnot, but they aren't important. If they want to be important, they can conform to the savvy ways of the internet and start their own blog no one will ever read.

That brings me to the first and probably only serious point. This blog is purely for the enjoyment of me. Anyone else enjoying this blog will be hunted, shot, beat up, eaten, thrown up, forced to watch reruns of Star Trek knockoffs, and then executed by internet flash animation. So much for serious.

Chapter 3

Thus spake the Moron our Blog, "Let there be aspects of this blog that none might understand. Let their number be the three of the great quest spoken of in Pythons named Monty, and their Grail of Holes. Let it be known among the many (cough) peoples of the internet that these be the tenants of the Blog.

I. Thou shalt see meanderings of a disturbed mind, as it wanders about reality in a distortion without basis.
iii. Thou shalt be told of facts that really are true in every account and have not been fancied up to be like some ancient and venerable quest. Nope, no sprucing up the details here.
2. Thou shalt be interupted by the unprecidented comments of personas and alter egos whose opinions are not of or related to the opinions of the Moron our Blog.
π. Thou shalt be subjected to words conjoined to form crude sentence, thus named "Poetry" by the Moron.
F. Thou shalt see mysteriously as all of the above is concatenated into one at once."

Thus spoke the Moron, and in his eyes it was good. The rest of the world however, didn't even notice.

4 Chapter

Mourning the loss of Chapter 2, the Moron wrote another chapter to replace it. In his sorrow, he really messed up. I mean, wow. Look at that. He got the number in the wrong place. What an idiot. I mean seriously, who really cares about Chapter 2? Did anyone even notice it was missing? I suppose one or two people did, those being the epic hero and heroine of the incredible vast majestic plot that was Chapter 2. But really...


And so it was that the first of many posts was complete. A vast disturbance was felt amoungst the blogs, and all was not well. Okay, no one noticed anything really, but I can dream can't I?

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