Maneki Neko!

Behold Halloween in all its Japanese glory!

Yes, I have figured out how to post pictures here. I did a long time ago. However, I'm lazy.

Actually Halloween is rather underwhelming here, possibly because of the lack of pervasive advertisements for costumes, candy, ghouls, goblins and cauldrons. However, in addition to the epic teamwork's victorious effort depicted above, there was a pretty cool Halloween party hosted by Jason last night. Apparently the multitalented BCA director and professor also makes his own alcoholic beverages which I politely abstained from.

I went as a pathetic excuse of a pirate. I had made a newspaper hat and sword. I was No-Beard, who continually complained about how pirating these days was extremely difficult. Apparently, pirating in international waters results in liability for taxes from each and every nation in the world. When told that being a pirate meant you could break rules like that, No-Beard would respond, "But that's unethical."

I hope that you all had a great Halloween!

Jason the rather dead person and No-Beard say, "Kanpai!" and "Arr!"

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Phil said...

That's better than my, uh, "costume" was. If I had just gotten my bandana and sandels I might have passed off as a hippie....

Chris Dagget was Wolverine (leather coat, not spandex). He had a boombox with the original TV show theme and everything... His aluminium foil claws had to be constantly repaired though.