First, those of you who couldn't comment recently, I apologize. Blogger is a little too smart, auto-translating all the menus and everything into Japanese. As such, it was very difficult to find the option for restricting comments to registered members, let alone selecting the right option. It should be fixed now, but if it isn't or if it still allows anonymous posting please tell me.

In other news, I have just now reached the first boss in Pokemon Emerald. This is after, about, (calculation noises) twenty to thirty hours of work. Any normal person would take at most an hour to reach where I'm at. The game itself is normally between thirty and sixty hours of playtime.

When am I going to finish this? The Lord only knows...

Fun though.

I can feel the vocabulary seeping into my brain, it's slimey.

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Phil said...

Don't learn the slimy words, you silly! Learn the bubbly ones!