Worst Fears

The idea had struck me, but I didn't want to mention it anywhere because I didn't want to give anyone any ideas, that restricting posting to only registered members wouldn't solve my problems. The major reason for this being that someone could very easily register an account, and have a bot run around commenting everywhere with it.

I hate it when I'm right. Moments ago, I axed a comment from some 'person' named Rob that was an advertisement. I really had been hoping that Blogger would axe such accounts, but this doesn't appear to be the case.

It might be hard to understand from the calm, emotion censoring nature of the internet, but this really gets to me. There's a large button on me labeled 'Ruining a good thing for profit' right next to the 'Ruining a good game for other players' one. To my knowledge, these are the fastest and most direct ways to get on my nerves, and push me past the point of rationality.

Quite simply, I utterly and completely detest with passion of a child for candy, with the power of a mountain crashing down, and with the vigor and fury of a hurricane the size of Alaska, when something incredibly cool, awesome and useful is perverted.

I honestly want anyone, even people I don't know, to comment here. I want people to tell me exactly what they think, good or bad, about me. Barring a bad case of indecency, it was never my intent to wave the hand of censure at my Blog. I didn't care if someone random Joe from Montana commented on my blog a twelve page epic story that wasn't in the least bit related to my post on chicken peas, censure was not going to happen.

Part of what bugs me about this whole thing is that it's advertising. The people who come here are looking for me, and maybe for the other people who are. They were not looking for the latest and greatest ways to save money on lumber.

The other part of it is that it goes beyond the purpose of this blog. The ultimate purpose of this blog is centered around me, finding me, and commenting on me. Advertisements are a "Hey, you're neat but this which has absolutely positively nothing to do with you, wouldn't interest you one bit anyway, and is utterly useless would be great for you to check out!"

The last part of it is that this is, in a way, a me space. I am, to a great extent, the lord and ruler of this small domain. Having advertisers come through and have their way with the place is like having McDonalds paint a mural of Ronald on the side of your house. It's nothing short of vandalism.

I need to find these companies and sue them on that premise.

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