Ouendan Addendum

Just a few notes on Ouendan that I've come across.

Firstly, I may have mentioned downloadable play in my review, but my information was not correct. For multiplayer play, everyone must have a copy of Ouendan. What's downloadable to other people is the tutorial.

Secondly, there's an Insane Difficulty mode. I don't know if my arms will be able to take it after all the Kendo I've done this week.

Aside from that, here in Japan there's a Mario 20th Anniversary ad campaign going on that has some of the best remixed Mario music in it I've ever heard. It's all a bid to sell Gameboy Micros on nostalgia, but I see the Gameboy Micro as more a special anniversary thing than an actual effort at a new gameboy.

That's all for now.


Phil said...

Yay! You're in a Kendo club! We'll have a lot to do when you get back. =)

jocelyn said...

Yaaaaay Kendo club! Show me your moves when you get home!

Phil said...

I'm gonna have to practice ninjitsu nunchaku so that I'm preparesujiku!