Kendo Hurts

It has become extremely apparrent to me that Kendo is a painful activity to pursue. This is probably the result of aching limbs, sore muscles, blisters, and bruises. Practicing Kendo for two hours will leave you exhausted, and Saturday practice takes three.

I wouldn't trade it for a Revolution Devkit.

Quite honestly, I don't think I've been quite so intent on learning any combat specific art in my life. Certainly, I took Karate. Definately, I did the firearms and archery workshops at summer camp. However, I was never really truly dedicated to either of them, only giving basic attention to them and dropping them once hard work was unavoidable.

Kendo is addictive.

I don't know if it's because week by week I can feel and see the progress I'm making (apparently my progress is extraordinary, as people simply do not learn Kendo as fast as I am. Although, I'm skeptical that I'm really that special), or if it's simply because swinging a stick around that represents a sword has been an activity of mine ever since I was obsessed with samurai and medieval knights. Either way, I enjoy it a heck of a lot, and I really hope that God will place me somewhere after college near a serious Kendo Dojo.

Seriously, not only is it fun to do (if you're up to feeling constantly handicapped by sore limbs), but it's a blast to watch the guys who know what they're doing. Seeing them practice their swing by swining two weighted Shinai (Kendo Swords) in one hand is incredible, and then watching them smack each other lightning fast because of the built up strength is doubly incredible.

Yes, fantasies of Samurai Gaijin Man have come to mind, but the reality is so good they aren't necessary.

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Phil said...

Competative... spirit... rising... must... resist.

Seriously... Now I'm afriad that I'll do the exact same thing I've always done for years: Copy you and get upset when I can never beat you.

I must find a website which details how to use some interesting martial arts weapon instead of simply selling them. Online ninjitsu classes, heheh.