The reports (from me) of reaching the first boss in Pokemon Emerald were, I'm sorry to say, inaccurate. I mistook for the first boss a man who spent several decades explaining the very simple concept of, "Throw a pokeball at a pokemon, and catch it!" You can argue that my one sentence simplification doesn't go into the finer points of pokemon catching, such as weakening it first. However, neither did he.

Today I finally reached and beat the first boss, although I have yet to translate all the text involved. Having spent almost every free moment working on this since Wednesday, it's really suprising how small a nick I've put in the vast tree trunk of text I have yet to even see, let alone copy and translate.

It really doesn't help that it seems to pe a prerequisite for NPCs (Non Player Characters), as part of being in pokemon, to take thirty minutes to explain a simple concept like "This building here is the Pokemon Center".

Anyway, what was really odd came in an e-mail from my supabro today. Apparently Gamestop called me, offering me a job. Having applied there every summer for the past four years or more, there is some sense of triumph in that this year I've recieved two offers from Gamestop for a job (there being two Gamestops near my house). However, the irony of it all is that I couldn't accept either offer. What's funny is that apparently, supabro fielded the call, and after informing them of my current global position they turned around and offered him the job instead! The greatest irony is, he already has a job and couldn't accept the offer either.


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