Four Day Weekends Ahoy!

Various news to report.

Firstly, I just registered for my last semester of college's classes, and submitted my "I'm graduating" form. My class schedule, quite simply, rocks the world.

J-Term: UNIX Administration Every Morning.

Spring Term:
Monday: Self Defense 7PM-9PM
Tuesday: Seminar, Islam and Sociology.
Wednesday: Nothing.
Thursday: Seminar, Islam and Sociology.
Friday: Nothing.

Basically, aside from learning how to defend myself from random attackers, I have a four day weekend every weekend, with an additional resting day in the middle of the week! ROCK THAT!

Also, with only a total of 13 credits, and only 10 of which will be in the larger Spring Term, I should have lots of free time...

...which will likely get eaten up trying to find a job, and working on my Senior Project. However, with five days a week free, I can easily allocate two to actual schoolwork, and three to Project/job.

Fun, eh?

Other news of interest is tomorrow I'm having a party with some Kendo club members after practice. There's going to be great food (apparently my Okaasan is going all out, which is scary considering how delicious her barely trying food is), great people and Monopoly of course.

Speaking of which, I recently retook my crown from my Otousan, who forgot that perhaps not being under the influence had helped his victory before and drank a lot before the game.

All in all, tis a happy time.

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