Shameless Plug!


I don't know why, but for some reason that seemed appropriate.


I think I'll keep spacing out this post in this unique, per sentence fashion.

As it is, the reason for this particular entry into my journal of me is the listing of three wonderful items for sale on eBay!

That's right, YOU could be the proud owner of something I've already graced with my merest touch.

I'm auctioning off three anime DVD sets that I didn't really care for, and didn't relate to well.

Two are of the same series, and are probably as child friendly as they come.

The other is most definately adult.

In any case, all the formatting I had to do to make my auctions pretty made me sick of paragraphs and html for a while.

Hence the weirdness.

In conclusion, any interested parties should follow the below links (which upon conclusion will be print screened and hosted somewhere so that in years hence there aren't a plethora of dead ebay related links lying around here).

Heaven forbid slashdot go under, my blog linkage would be ruined!

Magic Knight Rayearth Season 1

Magic Knight Rayearth Season 2

Neon Genesis Evangelion

I realize some of you may be disappointed to see I did not include Trigun or Cowboy Bebop amoung the auctions.

My only response is, why would I want to sell anything so wildly awesome as Trigun or Cowboy Bebop?

Have fun!


jocelyn said...

Do you think I should see these? If so, I'd like to work out a deal...

Phil said...

You should update! You're already done with those auctions! Yeeeaaargh! PPOOOOOSSST!