Anger Management

Right now, I am a coiled ball of malice and hatred ready to explode into an infinite dimension of pain and suffering for whoever created the expansion card I plugged into my 1337 computer at approximately three PM today. Here's why.

My 1337 computer, in all its glory, had its beautiful RAID array utterly dismantled by the evil bastard of a piece of eletronics. Upon plugging the little devil of a PATA slot giving card into my PCI slot, it proceeded to attempt to supercede my motherboard by claiming to be the PATA slots the motherboard itself had.

This resulted in incredible confusion, during which my motherboard completely disassembled my RAID array and became generally screwed up. Actually, screwed up is barely an adaquate description of what happened, later...

In any case, I quickly found that by unplugging the malevolent card, my computer could once again boot properly. Seeing this, I tried to install drivers for my last and surely not least (in terms of pure suffering it has laid upon me) component. Upon doing so and hooking up the beast again, the problem only got worse.

I unplugged the beast again, only to find that instead of one healthy RAID array, my hard disks were now split into two RAID 0+1 arrays. Aside from the obvious (to geeks anyway) fact that it is impossible to have a 0+1 RAID array with only two hard drives, there was an immediate "What the...?" followed by a rather large increase in stress as well as the desire to do to my destroyer what the guys from Office Space did to that printer.

After two hours of toil, I was finally able to piece my RAID array back together, and boot up properly. However, just now as my RAID array was rebuilding, I tried to run an application, and the whole computer crashed hard. Now, upon booting, the BIOS sits around forever trying to detect the RAID array (and never stops). Hell, what does it matter anymore seeing as how the registry entries for every program on my computer were screwed up by this as it was.

In any case, Me is not a happy Me at the moment.

On a happier note, because you've had to deal with my current fury, God bless you.


jocelyn said...

I'm sorry, bro. :( Will the computer be healthy and happy again soon?

Phil said...

Kevin's comp got better, but now it just got messed up again for some other reason, and was experiancing the same problems. Kevin's fed up this morning because it means he probably can't install some C++ developement tools before work. He's had it hard lately. =(