1337 5k33lz


Right now I'm writing this using my 1337 new computer, Raijin (God of Lighting). It is truly 1337, and I can not stress how awesome it truly is. Hopefully some of you will get a firsthand look in the coming month before I go to Japan.

In any case, the only missing link is the expansion card that will allow me to install my CD/DVD-ROM drive, thus giving me access to my vast collection of Blizzard games and other ones as well. Until it arrives (either this afternoon or tomorrow) I'll have to content myself with Counter Strike.

I toiled long and hard on this, and I came out with something awesome. A lot of kudos go to God, for keeping me from destroying my computer parts accidentally, and granting me keen insight into the incredible lack of information in the manual for my motherboard, and the complete lack of a manual for the computer case. Surely it was he that allowed me to so easily find that forum that explained away my confusion concerning setting up RAID with my motherboard.

My Dad now claims he and everyone else will now come to me with any hardware related computer trouble. I don't know if that's wise...

Anyway, time to save some hostages.


jocelyn said...


Stephen and I will indeed bow before your computer ability.

Speaking of which, might you know how to build a new computer for Steve on the cheap? I've been dying to replace his... it's just so yuckkified.

Phyvo said...

Yargh Kevin! Answer Jo's question!