That's what happened to my internet starting friday, the day I was going to talk about the success of my eBay auctions. I only recently got internet back, but I've been busy as well. Thus, I've been somewhat delayed in my posting here.

In any case, the auctions were successful, netting me around $200. I actually shipped the items just now, and only barely. I had exactly enough cash on me to ship everything, and it took me an hour and fifteen minutes at the post office to get everything ready to be shipped. I'm a real newbie methinks.

In any case (again), I still haven't had any problems with my computer, happy day!

Lastly, tomorrow I'll be picking up my Visa for going to Japan. I still need to plan out how I'm going to parcel out my spending money while I'm there, but one thing at a time.

Hope everything is going well with you!

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