Merry Christmas

KB Toys is having a special sale called "Santa's Summer Sale". Regardless of how the sale works, it meant one thing and one thing only for me.

I got to dress up as Santa.

Admittedly, Santa doesn't usually wear a pair of cheap shades, a hawaiian shirt, and say, "Merry Christmas" in July. However, this was overlooked by just about everyone, including the children.

The job was actually very enjoyable, aside from the wig (try wearing one sometime, not only are they uncomfortable but they are incredibly good at amplifying heat). I got to hand out small candy canes to lots of children, I got a lot of smiles from the passers by, and I got to joke around with customers about the whole crazy situation of Santa in the summertime.

A few highlights:

A high school student pronounced me the "illest" Santa he'd ever seen, and proceded to do one of those "ill" high five hand shakes with me.

Mom came and took my picture. She didn't use the digital camera, so I'll have to scan it in some other time.

Some high school girls had their picture taken with me as well.

The father of a child came to me to relay a message from his young son. We had a brief conversation about how his son was afraid of Santa, and was trying to get over it. He pointed across the way to the food court where, behind the railing, the child was hiding with his mother. We waved and they waved back. I gave his father a candy cane which the man used to entice his son close to me, but we never ended up actually touching.

Those were some highlights. I think I scared away at least five children, and probably gave away three hundred candy canes at least. I said "Merry Christmas" enough times that I can probably go without saying it again for the rest of my life (manager Jeff asked me if I could say something else, and I asked him what else Santa says).

In any case, I find it likely I'll be doing it again tomorrow, as I work from two to seven.

I'm now going to go onto the roof of the house to watch fireworks. Hope you all have a good Fourth!

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