Ill Omens

The Good News: There probably isn't anything wrong with my windows installation, probably.

The Bad News: There probably is a lot wrong with my RAID array, probably.

Basically, these blue screens of death I've been getting appear everytime one of my hard drives vanishes. When I saw vanishes, I mean it can no longer be detected by my motherboard. I do not know why this is yet, but I do know that it is A) a pain and B) a very, very big problem. Until I can crash my system enough to understand what hard drives are being problematic and which aren't, or even if it is a matter of any particular hard drive at all, I'm not going to bother reinstalling World of WarCraft (whose blue screen of death tendency may really be because the greatest amount of running time on Raijin is spent on it), or installing developement tools.

In any case, I've got an hour now to wait for my RAID array to be rebuilt, again. I have several suspicions as to why this is happening.

1) I'm not clearing out the drives that are being problematic when I rebuild, resulting in conflicting data and thus crashes.

2) One or two of my hard drives are on the fritz, and will require replacement.

3) Things have just been generally screwed up with my installation of, everything, and will need to be redone from scratch, at which point I might as well retry things with that RAID card that screwed everything up in the first place.

Obviously, these are listed in order from what I hope is the case, to what I fear is the case.

Get well soon, Raijin. :(

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jocelyn said...

Poor Raijin!!! Get better soon!!!