Forgiving the title, here's an update.

My new computer, Raijin, is getting better. That's not to say I've been without problems, but I'm slowly killing them. There have been a couple RAID rebuilds (resultant of some random instances of hard drives being undetected, and a random split of the array), and some blue screens of death (my Dad tells me there are no blue screens of death in XP, I have tangible evidence to the contrary). In any case, the coming days will entail the following.

-An evaluation of whether I should reinstall XP (doesn't seem likely, but maybe)
-Reinstalling World of WarCraft (current chief blue screener)
-Installing Dev C++ (for programming purposes)
-Not reinstalling that demonic RAID card that screwed everything up
-Finding a different way to install a CD-ROM

However, at the moment I'm pretty content with how things are. Everything that is left is pretty inconsequential. So unless I continue to get odd stuff happening with my RAID array (the random array split, and missing hard incident post-rebuild have me worried) everything should be fine.

In other news, wish my Dad a happy birthday!

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