Burn the Forests!

The stupid trees in the neighbor's yard behind ours grew over the past years. They perfectly obscure the fireworks, even from the roof.

In any case, I'm going to make my Mom feel bad for leaving me behind. I had reponded, "Yes, I want to come" ever time she asked me over the past week. While the blame for being left behind is not hers entirely, as I didn't properly check to make sure I didn't miss the boat, I think I can justify making her feel bad.

When she left with my brother, she said to me exactly this from down the hall, "Your father needs a tick check." She didn't say that she couldn't do it herself because she was going to the fireworks, she just told me I needed to do it. Seeing as how she'd complained about being tired earlier, I could understand not wanting to try and peer across my father's freckled back to find ticks.

This bypassed my checking mechanism, which worked under the assumption that I would receive word that people were going to the fireworks. It didn't seem that bad an assumption to me. However, I forgot the tendency for people to not inform me of things.

In any case, I'm probably going to try to see some fireworks tomorrow evening after work. Probably with my dad since he didn't go to tonights either. And because he helped me get off the roof (that rickety step ladder is really scary).

Happy Fourth!

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