Technically Incompetant

Job hunting is in full swing during spring break, and I'm plowing ahead despite many, many discouragements. There are plenty of jobs flying around for people with 3 or more years of experience, but trying to find entry-level positions for graduates can be like pulling teeth.

On of my major frustrations is concerning searching various websites that are dedicated towards jobs for graduates, or other websites with an option for restricting searches to such jobs. The problem is, namely, incompetants posting irrelevant jobs or failing to post jobs in such a way as to get the proper response.

Example: I search for jobs in my field. Because I search entry level, jobs for which experience of less than one year is required are shown. However, because whoever posted the job was technically incompetant, they failed to actually fill out the job form properly and simply put everything in the description field and assumed that would work. The requirements field, and the experience field are left to blank and default (less than one year experience) respectively. Thus, I keep getting jobs listed to me that require 3 or more years of experience.

Is it simply because anyone who has any technical knowhow is simply too smart for such mundane jobs? I have no clue, but it keeps bugging me because I have precious little time to figure out whether or not I definitively want to live with my sister and brother-in-law and having my time used up by jobs I'm obviously not qualified for is frustrating.


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