Franklin: "Trash"

Hai guys!

This is Franklin. I wanted to let you know, that today is a special day. Today the garbage man gets a big hug.

I always wanted to be a garbage man. Maybe it was the glamour. Maybe it was the interesting things you can find in the garbage. But mostly, it was the fact that I spent so much of my life in a garbage can. My nickname was "Trash"!

My parents were fond of that name. Whenever I opened my mouth to speak, they would throw me in the garbage in appreciation. That's where I met Roachy. Now Roachy and his vast family live with my parents. They were so overjoyed that the regular trashcan was not good enough.

My parents dropped me off at the town dump. It was a goldmine of new friends and ideas. I was so thankful for the kindness my parents showed me.

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