All good things...

...taste like chicken?

It's been a while since I've updated, in fact this has been a recent trend. I have several reasons for this, all of which I deem very much worthwhile.

The first reason has been the recent visit of my dear sister and brother-in-law. We've had a blast of a time, camping, playing games, hiking mountains, and fiddling around with my nifty new digital camera which I got for...

The second reason, my upcoming trip to Japan. I have had a lot of preparation to do for it, and there will be much, much more to do in the coming days. It's very lucky that my World of WarCraft subscription runs out today, because...

The third reason is World of WarCraft. I've been playing that in my spare time, and it's made me forgetful when it comes to this blog.

In any case, I've got all of the necessary materials for my trip. A digital camera (thoroughly tested), free time (as vacated by World of WarCraft) and determination. I suppose tickets, a visa, an international student ID card, money and such are all important as well.

Speaking of tickets, Northwest Airlines was supposedly going to have a strike this weekend. This puts my trip in some jeopardy, but not much. The strike should end by Monday, leaving my Wednesday flight safe and sound. I'll be getting a phonecall tomorrow in regards to that.

In closing I will be updating this blog while I'm in Japan. How often I don't know, but it'll certainly be far more often than my friend does his. Anyone who ever looks at the Rightward bound link should know that AJ updates his blog about as often as I decry video games as a bane to humanity.

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