Ohayou gozaimasu!

I'm in Japan!

I don't have much time to spare on this post, but I thought that I would let you all know that I didn't die in a ball of fire and death.

In any case, I hope I'll get the opportunity to post pictures. My camera finger is twitching like crazy to get shutterbugging.

I look forwards to talking to as many of you as I can!


jocelyn said...

So glad to hear that you've arrived safely, bro. All my love,

Phil said...

Sorry about missing your call... Mom and Dad were using the phone a whole lot.

Call back again soon!

Patrick said...


So is the world really round? Can you see the Edge? I really hope you didn't fall off of the edge. That would be suck. I'm glad to hear that you've arrived safely. I look forward to your stories of gojira, mechs, and the little people (who happen to not be leprechauns). Have a good time.

-Patrick, lacking pants