The man in charge of the utterly incredibly Ninja Gaiden title for the Xbox had this to say in an interview about the Ninja Gaiden Black revamped game coming out for the Xbox soon.

"Q: What do you think of the Dynasty Warriors series?

A: As a real man, I find no feeling of achievement in beating up millions of defenseless enemies. As for my opinion as a gamer, my free time is too valuable to spend it hacking away at an endless stream of dumb-as-a-brick opponents."


I can't fail to admit that honestly, Ninja Gaiden is far more fun a game than Dynasty Warriors.

I can still like Dynasty Warriors, can't I?

I could argue that after having to deal with one of the toughest and most satisfying games games I've ever played (Ninja Gaiden) one needs something a little less mind-involving and intense (Dynasty Warriors). I won't.

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