Mr. Smee: Technology

Oh my aching arteries. You won't believe the arthritus I have.

Oh, hallo there. It's been a while sonny-jim. I could have used you around here a week ago, when those chickens came through. Cleaning up the feathers was a nightmare beyond the wildest imagination of Susan.

You probably don't know Susan. Most people don't. You see, way back in the days before nightmare meant "bad dream" as opposed to "dimwitted hedgehog jockey", Susan had an epiphany. Scared the living daylights out of her it did. But she kept it around because occaisionally it would put on this adorable cute face that was addictive.

In any case, Susan was not fond of these technowhatsits that you young-ins always are bringing around. Did something to her liver they did. At least that's what she claimed. We were relieved to hear that, as the prevailing theories as to why she was so afraid of technology was because her epiphany was a foreshadowing of a dire doom that awaited techno-savvy youth.

Some time ago, Susan locked herself away with her epiphany. We're not sure where, but we're guessing Cambridge. She always liked that name. In any case, she whent into hiding around '83 of the last century. Something about Nine Ten Dough or An Eatesse. Raved on about mind control and how the light of day would never see the light of day. Didn't make a whole lot of sense.

Speaking of sense, you young whipper snappers should get outside occaisionally. It could use some exercise you hear?

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