Dr. Weis: Duck Blind

Greetings from Dr. Weis! Today, Dr. Weis recite great oratory of Dr. Weis.

Topic of oratory today, duck blind importance for research. Much research done only when subject not know. Dr. Weis provide basic step of hidden researcher.

First method of hidden researcher, most effective. Convince subject that you not researching them. Like spanish word on internet translator, meanings not found.
•Way number 1: Inform subject research already complete.
•Number 2: Inform subject you researching alternative subject.
•3: Inform subject, "Just taking notes on greatness of comrade." Like blindman in archery, subject miss obvious.

Second method of hidden researcher, most effective. Make self not noticed. Like shadow on plaid skirt, who care?
•Way number 1: Blend in with surroundings. Researcher not seen is researcher indeed.
•Number 2: Bring in second subject. Create conflict. Watch as both ignore researcher.
•3: Make nuisance of self. Subject will have strong desire not notice researcher. Dr. Weis say: "Like lightning bug during thunderstorm, not seen."

Last method of hidden researcher, most effective, very simple. Convince subject to research if subject is bad researcher. While attention is elsewhere, research freely! Like crab apple hidden underground, grow into crustaceon before noticed.

Dr. Weis say: "Research, like constant creation of Mortimer-laid plans, never cease!"

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