I discovered last night as I was preparing to play some crazy Time Splitters 2 action with my Bro and Bro-in-law that me uber saved game with everything unlocked and super high scores was....zonked.

It goes without saying that a rather sour feeling filled me. I remember when it happened as well. At the time I told my roommate not to worry because the memory card loaded up fine. His mistake in killing the power while my file was saving didn't have any immediate reprecussions. I never thought that the specific file would have been corrupted, obvious as that possibility now seems.

I'm not going to point fingers at anyone or comdemn people, I already said not to worry. However, between that and the overuse my system and controllers (I had to replace at least one) last year I find myself desiring a more strict regime when it comes to others and my video games.

It may seem irrational, but it strikes me as akin to how one would protect a nice set of china. Once someone chips a cup, you become far more attuned to how everything is handled. You might have bene previously aware of the carelessness with which your treasures were handled, but it didn't bother you too much because nothing ever came of it. It all changes when a cup gets dropped.

In any case, It won't be worth my while to go through the game again and beat the ever loving snot out of it. As such, I'm handing it over to my brother and moving on. StarCraft: Ghost will be coming out soon, complete with multiplayer. That should be a good replacement, and a new experience.

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