Enough is enough

It's time to stop arguing about the consoles. This will be the last post until something really meaningful is revealed concerning them, and the only part concerning them is this paragraph. And we're done.

Moving on, I'm thrilled to see that StarCraft: Ghost is finally wrapping up. What really kicks butt is its multiplayer. The game was not originally supposed to have a multiplayer mode, and now we'll be having what is bound to be some of the most awesome killfest imaginable. My only qualm there is I can't play as a Protoss Zealot or Dragoon. Somehow that won't much matter in the end. Besides, Blizzard could always make a StarCraft: Templar or StarCraft: Zergling or something. Actually, perish the thought.

Despite my best efforts, I haven't been able to get any good glimpses of Perfect Dark Zero. Gamespot's stream services have been less than impressive of late, probably due to a billion and a half crazy people like me overloading their servers.

I am currently still gasping for breath as I was winded by some news concerning the port of Dynasty Warriors 5 to the Xbox. Apparently it will have some special console specific features such as A JAPANESE LANGUAGE OPTION WITH SUBTITLES. I can only hope that because the Xbox port of Dynasty Warriors 3 was similar in that it had extra content that ended up in the Xtreme Legends add-on anyway there will be Japanese voices to save my ears from corrosion when an Xtreme Legends add-on inevitably arrives for Dynasty Warriors 5.

I'm still playing the ever loving snot out of Dynasty Warriors 5. I've burned through five characters out of forty-eight, so I have a ways to go yet. Perhaps I should shelve it and hope for that Japanese...

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