It's coming...

Friday's the big day. I, and my partner, will be presenting our educational magnum opus to whoever happens to want to come. I suspect people who like video games will be the primary audience, bored of project about complicated things they won't understand. Professors will be there, and peers as well. Unfortunately I suspect that as I go into the intricacies of how Python manages variable values and socketing UDP connections; most of the audience will wonder where the video game is at.

In any case, Codename: Vect0r is coming along very well. A lot of the presentation aspect of the game has been cemented to the point where I need not work on it anymore (although I do need to acquisition some sound effects). All that remains to successfully conclude the project to a level I will be satisfied with is to finish the networking aspect, really only an issue of some minor coding, and integrating the menu system. Even if the menu system, my partner's half, is incomplete and screwy, it won't be the end of the world because I already have a plan for such circumstances (although I'll be really annoyed with my partner).

I look forward to demonstrating Vect0r to people post graduation!

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