0h n03z!11

Forgive the 1337 title, I had to, really I did. Okay so I didn't, but I'm infected with the ITD (Internet Transmitted Diesease) and there's no cure. I mean, just look at this!

Can't you see the pain?

Anyway, including this one there are four entries in the blog today. First up being this general update. I've got the entries set up in order of importance, from "none whatsover" at the top to "important" on the bottom.

I've been aware that Dr. Weis, Josiaphus, and Franklin haven't made an appearances here for a long time. I couldn't fit them in the suitcases I brought with me. As such, we won't likely be hearing from them until after New Year's. However, I did find some delicious Japanese warning labels from a rather interesting website. I'll post these occaisionally (about once a week), as a Caution series.

Aside from that, I've posted some recent happenings, and a rant about the not latest Harry Potter movie.


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