Good Fortune

Once a week the cafeteria at work has a Mongolian Grill they do, which I enjoy greatly. Recently, however, it's quality has begun dropping in one particular area. They really need to find a better fortune cookie company.

Today's fortune reads as follow:

"Here we go. 'Moo Shuu Cereal' for breakfast with duck sauce."

I'd call this the worst fortune ever, except that I can't even classify it as a fortune. It sounds more like whoever makes these fortunes started having fun with potential bad meal ideas, and whoever they were dictating to didn't realize they'd stopped coming up with fortunes.


RAGE said...

Interestingly, one fortune cookie company has started to randomly insert "misfortune" cookies into their shipments. They felt that people were getting bored with the standard fortunes. The best fortune I ever got out of a cookie was "The whole story is long and complicated." I still don't get that one.

jocelyn said...

Lamest fortune ever!