Koei Hates Me

Via the IGN review of Dynasty Warriors 6 it is confirmed that, once again, Koei has left the Japanese Voice Actors off the American release of the game.

Let's review the timeline.

Chapter 1: I arrive at college, and see someone playing Dynasty Warriors 3 for the first time. I laugh at the horrible English voice actors, but get blown away by the inclusion of Japanese vocals. Addiction++.
Chapter 2: Dynasty Warriors 4 comes out, no Japanese voice actors. Bitter tears are wept, and the game goes unpurchased.
Chapter 3: In desperation, I buy Samurai Warriors for its Japanese voice actors. Sadly, the game has a "level up" system which punishes you for being strong. Gee, thanks. The game is sold back to Babbage's.
Chapter 4: After months of suspense as to whether Dynasty Warriors 5 will have the Japanese voice actors or not, the ill news arrives. Depressed but in dire need of a new "fix", I eventually cave in and buy the PS2 version. The next day it's announced that the Xbox version will have Japanese voice actors. D'OH.
Chapter 5: The Xbox 360 announces backwards compatibility! Great news, except the only Dynasty Warriors game on the list is #4. This is true even today, after numerous updates.
Chapter 6: Samurai Warriors 2 is released, sans Japanese voice actors. Hope fades.
Chapter 7: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam surprises me with Japanese voice actors. Perhaps the soon to be released Dynasty Warriors 6 will break the growing cycle of pain?
Chapter 8: Today, it sucks to be me.

I effectively give up. The arguments have been made time and time again for why Japanese voice actors are a perfectly simple option to make available. I'm through waiting on Koei to make a game that A) doesn't suck and B) has the Japanese voice actors.

Sadly, the options for "kill legions of enemies in a mindless fashion" are slim to none. Maybe it's because Koei crowds out all the competitors, or maybe it's because the competitors are all like N3.


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RAGE said...

A few years ago Capcom jumped on the bandwagon, but I don't know about Japanese voice-actors. Interestingly, in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, the sound tends to glitch so the music suddenly vanishes. This happens very rarely if it's set to Japanese language, but happens at least once per level if it's set to English. Finally, a practical reason (though it doesn't improve the translation)!