E3: Nintendo Press Conference

As opposed to Sony's, this was viewed live. As such, it will be written while it goes on. Should be interesting, ne?

Reggie asked some very good questions right off the bat.

1) Do you know anyone who has never read a book, watched TV, or seen a movie?
2) How can be considered a mass media form if we know people who haven't played video games?

Even deeper is the notion that video games can't be considered art until the first question becomes "Do you know anyone who has never read a book, watched TV, seen a movie, or played a video game?"

"We'll explain later." - The quote which currently defines the conference. Name, price, release date, everything will be explained later apparently.

Mascotville! Featuring Mario, Link, Samus and even Sonic. No one cares about you Rayman. Oooooo, Final Fantasy. Ooo, Link will be there on launch day! Noice.

So far, Nintendo's done a good job of getting me excited. A good thing for the beginning of a conference.

There's a speaker in the freaking controller. Way to make Sony feel stupid for trying to copy them. Not to mention that Sony apparently sacrificed the rumble feature for their mimicry. Dang, the nunchuck addon also has motion sensing. A techie's dream methinks.

Okay Nintendo, stop showing us 90% of what you're already shown us in gameplay videos. It's annoying, and it's going to ruin an otherwise really fun conference. Seriously, don't make them so short either. Unless you blow us away with later long videos or demonstrations, this is going to sour things significantly.

If Super Smash Bros. isn't among the 27 games on the show floor tomorrow, I'll be a sad, sad man.

Now it's blahdiddyblah time concerning the DS. I want more Wii!

I wish I could have typed that guy's speech goof fast enough, but I didn't. It was hilarious.

Thank you Nintendo for saying how much you SELL as opposed to how much you SHIP. Sony bugs me every time they do that. It's like they have to hide something, really bothers me.

Take him off the stage! He's a hack! He can't make a speech to save his life! It's not SuDOko, but SUDOKU. No stresses!

Not sure what to think of a 3D Final Fantasy 3. Crap, now I HAVE to beat Windwaker before I can play the DS Zelda. And good grief Nintendo, think of the children! Your games look so deliciously good, they will have no allowence left to spend on snacks or bully protection! My DS "greed list" is already too huge!

Satoru Iwata FTW.

NOOOO! Lost connection = bad! I wanted to see which of the three obviously meganerds won the chance to be the first gamer to use the new controller! Travesty! The irony of how Reggie had just mentioned all the people watching online is not lost on me.

Me = Refreshmonkeying

Well, it appears that I must wait until later to finish this. In about 45 minutes the conference will end and the on demand stream will go up. Hopefully then I can complete my thoughts and impressions.

EDIT: Here we go!

Of course, it just had to be that I only missed ten minutes of the conference.

Scott Dyer or whoever he is has just proven to the world how much of a nerd he is. All of us sub-nerds are now envious.

Satoru Iwata obviously can't play tennis.

Dang, that was anti-climatic.

Oh well.

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