King of Bandits

Tonight, aside from posting the promised Caution at a time that is dubious to be called Saturday, I was victorious. Booyaka.

Every Saturday night is poker night. No limit Texas hold'em. No money is actually won or lost because we're college students. We don't have money. When we do, we need it for food. So, pansy poker it is.

For every person you knock out, you get five points. For every person you survive, you get five points. When it gets down to one on one, the kill is worth ten points. Blinds double as more people are pushed out. Award bracelets are granted for winning tables and having the most points for the night.

Tonight, I won both games, eliminating 8 people (including one on one). I am the first person to monopolize all the bracelets for a night. I now have three white bracelets (tables won) and one black (most points for a night).


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