My apologies for the long delay in updating, I've had a genuinely grotesque number of other things going on that have distracted me from the supremely important task of updating a blog.

So, here's a general update of everything going on in my life.

-Python and Pygame are being installed on Raijin for the sake of programming for my project, Codename: Vect0r. Dr. Chase directed me to a website detailing the history of the game, Space War, which Vect0r is based off of. I had previously been unable to remember the name of the game myself. Interestingly enough, Dr. Chase was at MIT and was able to play the original when it was made there on those super building sized computers.

-I've been addicted to a custom WarCraft III map based on the anime Naruto. My roommates and I enjoy playing it, and I've proven to be quite excellent at taking hard to play characters and kicking butt with them. One particular character is actually a pair of them, Fuujin and Raijin, and they are my "So, did you have a side of death with that order of pain?" character.

-In World of Warcraft my hunter remains at level 31. My paladin, has increased to level 24. My warlock is level 16 and has passed the 100 mark in both tailoring and enchanting skills. My warrior is now level 20, and will be dual wielding like mad shortly. My priest hasn't been played too much (my brother was at a youth retreat and the priest is solely for play with him), but is level 9 going on 10.

-I've got a test on Tuesday I'm not worried about. I'll study anyway.

-I'm staying with my sister for the weekend. The original plan was for my sister and brother-in-law to drive down after my sister returned from work, arrive around 8pm, eat some pizza with me, and then we'd all come up. My bro changed the plans, picking me up earlier in the afternoon for the purpose of surprising my sister. She was already home when we returned. Steve had called her and given the excuse that they needed more milk (I drink a lot) and as such had gone out to the grocery store. I hid in the trunk, Steve went inside and went through the usual routine for leaving. Jocelyn came out, and Steve gave her an ice scraper to put into the trunk to make room for me. The trunk popped, Jocelyn opened it up, and I jumped up and yelled, "HASGH!" I wish I'd had a camera.

-Job hunting is going slowly, but surely. My resume is looking much better than it once was. Some refinements can still be made, but at this point the actual job hunting takes precedence. A great resume is nothing without a job to send it to.

-My birthday is coming up on the 23rd of March. The only thing I've so far alluded to desiring is the Settlers of Catan board game. Additional desires would be more RAM for Raijin (DDR400 PC3200, either 2x 256MB or 2x 512MB), a World of Warcraft Game Card, and something homemade. My biggest desire of all would be to spend time with family. Unfortunately, my birthday falls on a Thursday of all days. Blargh.

-I spent some time trying to find a quote I had submitted to Quotes R Us. It was a great quote from a great friend, and neither of us can remember what it was. B'oh.

-Updated my blog 0 times between the last update and this one.

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