I'm long overdue informing the world of people who read my blog (population me) concerning recent events. I've been too busy participating in them to write them down.

Sunday I went with my host family to the ANA Open. There we saw some amazing golfers, joked about what would happen if I tried to golf, and contributed a little money to charity. I also got a hat out of the deal, nifty!

Monday was a holiday, so I didn't have school. Having beat the living daylights out of Jump Superstars for the DS, I moved on to my next crazy japanese only title, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! I spent most of the day playing it, not my original intent. My host parents had gone out in the morning for some golf practice, and claimed they'd be back at 3. They didn't get back until 6, after I had tried to call their cell phones (and heard them ring in the apartment) and watched some news to see if they'd gotten hurt in a car crash or something. I pushed aside my worries with Ouendan, which was a highly addictive game.

Tuesday I didn't play any Ouendan, or most of the rest of the week for that matter. Not because the game is bad, it's incredibly fun, but because my arm wouldn't be able to take it. The act of spinning a point scoring ying yang repeatedly wore out some muscles near my elbow, and I decided it would be good to rest them. So my time was taken up with classes in the morning. In the afternoon I started my job, nothing difficult at all. I help Jason, the BCA director and professor, out with his American culture class. We introduced ourselves, talked about where we were from, and helped students identify the 50 states. It was a blast, and it'll be fun when holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving come. What I'm especially looking forward to is next week, when we explore the unique American delicacy, Peanut Butter and Jelly!

Wednesday was spent on schoolwork and classes, in the morning. However, in the afternoon I went out and bought Monopoly for my host parents. My otousan Hiro had played it in his youth, and my okaasan Yasuko was keenly interested in the game. I won, but Yasuko claims she has a killer strategy she'll beat me with, and Hiro claims he won't drink as much before we play next time (every number he rolled he routinely declared a lucky number).

Thursday was spent in class, and at home. Nothing incredible happened, except discussion of my host family's small vacation they would be going on starting Friday and ending Sunday.

Friday I had breakfast with my host parents, and then they left for their trip. Subsequent to that, the only visitors aside from myself I've ever noticed my host parents had came and tried to find out why some strange Gaijin was living where Hiro and Yasuko should be. My limited but rapidly growing vocabulary and grammar did not include how to say, "They're on vacation."

Today, I wrote this.

Now I'm up to date, and so are you.

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