I continue to deny any part in the recent typhoons in Japan. I had nothing to do with the one that hit Nagoya just as I flew out of the airport there for Sapporo, zero influence on the one that hit the Fuji region that prevented my climbing that great mountain, and certainly not any affect on the one that smashed through the Hiroshima region just after I left there and subsequently followed me up to Hokkaido.

It's all lies I say! Lies!

In other news, a short psuedo haiku.

Deep puddle.
Did not see. Wet foot.

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Anonymous said...

Typhoon Marwar on August 24, Typhoon Talim on August 31, and Super Typhoon Nabi on September 6 were all real. While two of the typhoons struck Japan, Typhoon Talim missed Japan by a wide margin, making landfall in China. It was just rain that stopped the ascent of awesome Fujisan.