After some hours of struggling with CSS, some hours of fun graphical editing, and some hours of waiting for Blogger to respond to some questions I had...

...the new template was completed!

Now this is no longer just another blog with the same premade template everyone else has. Now it's just another blog with it's own unique template! The reaction to which I am most interested in.

Please comment, email or whatever to tell me what you think. I'm open to all opinions.

There have been other changes along with the template change. I've been dissatisfied with the Haloscan comments a friend suggested I use. I'm reverting back to the default comments, which unfortunately means a lot of comments will no longer be with us. However, I like the blog much better this way.

Additionally, the once static quote at the bottom of the page is now selected randomly from a set of quotes. Unfortunately there are only four currently, but I'll be ramping up that number as time goes on.

Hopefully I'll keep tooling around with the blog setup, but it'll only be minor stuff for a while. I've got other things to code and a lot of Japanese to learn.


Patrick said...

Here are a few quotes to add. all are pretty self explainatory.

"Are there really 50 stars on the flag?"
"I wish I was a lesbian . . . ."
"Fly casual!"

Well, it's something. GET YOUR OWN CREATIVE JUICES FLOWING! *nyar!*

jo said...

Hey man, looks great. I'm excited about the background and everything. You ROCK.