I really wish I had a direct feed into whatever game planning sessions Nintendo has. Recently I've had several opportunities to comment on changes I hope occur in upcoming and certain sequels, think of unique new game concepts, and generally think about various game balances that have had my brain going strong. The results have been exceptionally good, at least from my viewpoint.

I'm not necessarily claiming everything I recently thought of, or think of in general, is an S class million dollar idea. However, I generally believe that barring the occaisional complete idiotic notion my ideas are excellent in nature. At the very least, any idea is better than none at all, because it at least gives something to discuss. Such discussion might simply lead the idea to be thrown away, but sometimes seeming simple or silly ideas can morph into incredible fun for players who are dumbstruck trying to figure out how anyone came up with an idea so wholly fun.

In any case, if I get some cubicle job out of college which requires nothing of my creative juices, I am going have to forsake actually playing video games (for the most part) in order to sit down and code my own. Hopefully once the house is painted I'll have more time for that now, so that I don't end up in a crazy cubicle job in the first place.

Of course, then I'll probably worry about my idea being killed by well-meaning co-workers. GoldenEye: Rogue Agent was such a game. I'm sure whoever thought of the concept was proud of it, but the corporate machine slaughtered the game wholly and fully. Not only did it completely fail to be innovative, but it failed to be any different from a regular Bond game. Instead of James Bond working for Mi6 fighting Dr. No and evil, you were some random dude working for Goldfinger fighting Dr. No and whatever he was doing. I wanted to take on Mi6 darnit, and I wasn't willing to play through endless boring levels to see if a plot that didn't have much hope would lead me to a point where I could do so.

That was a tangent.

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