I've been doing a lot of stuff here concerning video games, consoles and whatnot. I'm just apologizing because it isn't going to stop anytime soon.

That said...

I'm really, really confused by Capcom's decisions in terms of consoles. As taken from Gamespot, some statistics and projections.

FY 2004 Sales Results (4/1/2004 - 3/31/2005)
PlayStation 2 - 40 titles, 7.3 million copies
GameCube - five titles, 2 million copies
Xbox - seven titles, 250,000 copies
Game Boy Advance - seven titles, 3.4 million copies
PC & Misc. - 11 titles, 400,000 copies

FY 2005 Sales Estimates (4/01/2005 - 3/31/2006)
PlayStation 2 - 55 titles, 10.7 million copies
GameCube - four titles, 350,000 copies
Xbox - eight titles, 750,000 copies
Game Boy Advance - four titles, 1.25 million copies
PC & Misc. - zero titles, zero copies

Obviously, Capcom favors Sony's PS2 (and if you read the article, the PSP as well). Given just this paltry and undetailed data (exactly which titles sell how many copies would be nice), one wonders why Capcom bothers with Sony at all.

Looking at the actual sales for the past year, with just five titles Capcom sold a whopping two million copies on the GameCube. The PlayStation 2's titles sold 7.3 million copies, but to do so required forty titles. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to do the following math.

Sales per Title:
GameCube: 400,000
PlayStation 2: 180,000
GameBoy Advance: 485,000

I just can't help but wonder what Capcom is thinking. Nintendo's platforms appear to be better at selling their games. It may just be that Capcom is keeping thirty or so crap titles off the GameCube. However, it simply astonishes me that when Nintendo has somewhere on the order of seventy million fewer GameCubes in homes compared to PlayStation 2s, they managed to sell twice as many copies per title.

Again, all the details are missing from the data, but it seems that some questioning is in order.

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