Reminder to all: Guard your words.

No, there is no threat of terrorists robbing you of language. However, I am reminded of how continually the Bible reminds us to guard our mouth, our tongue, and our words. I'd quote some of the verses I looked up for this occaision, but there are to many and I'm lazy (which is another thing the Bible covers but that's something else entirely).

Anyways, through several recents events involving misconceptions derived from language, and generally ill chosen words, the opening message was spawned. There was a major catalyst, unfortunately.

Obviously there is some value in meaning what one says, and carefully choosing one's language. It avoids confusion, prevents many needless arguments, and garners respect. I've had a fair share of stupid discussions with friends wherein both sides missed the point of the other (or assumed the other side was missing the point) simply because of poorly chosen wording. Not that any of these were terribly serious.

There is a second value to guarding your words. Sometimes, when one is mad at someone, bad things come off our lips that are in open defiance of the childhood rule, "If you have nothing good to say, don't say it." The worst thing about these words is that sometimes we mean them. Regardless, they can hurt a lot.

Personally, I've come a long way in preventing angry words from exiting my mouth. I have different problems involving speech. However, sometimes you know a person who grates upon your ability to maintain a level head. Strong as one may be, time has an ability to wear one down.

That said, there's little quite as painful as having someone you consider a good friend tell you they hate you. There are greater pains in this world, but this one ranks up there.

Whether meant or said in a flush of anger, such words hurt. When the person who says such words has been grating upon one for a significant amount of time, it's extremely difficult not to say, "Is there any good reason why I should give a kind response to such words?" except it comes out in one's mind more like, "What the crap is that? What did I do to deserve that?" When one hasn't killed people, hasn't stolen people's belongings, started wars and international crisis, or done anything that fits reprehensible it can be very painful to be hated, especially by someone close to you.

Just some words to the wise.

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