So there's a minefield awareness initiative thingy happining in the college commons today. They've got a setup for students to try and walk across to see if they'll survive. You know you're dead when the speakers make an explosion.

I survived.

Anyway, I began talking about this with my roommate. The conversation went as follows.

Roommate: What's that white thing on your arm?
Me: I survived the minefield.
Roommate: Oh?
Me: Yeah, it's in the commons. Some sort of minefield awareness thing.
Roommate: Ah. How'd you survive?
Me: I walked haphazardly straight across.
Roommate: I see. So what is it about?
Me: I guess it's about all those minefields in third world countries or something.
Roommate: So why are they here?
Me: Probably trying to raise funds by making people aware of minefields.
Roommate: Raising awareness of something they can't see?
Me: Yeah.
Roommate: Do they frequently need new recruits?

And we broke out laughing. If you don't understand why, ponder that last sentence a bit.

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