Franklin: A Dream I had.

Hallo there my friends. Your friendly neighborhood Franklin here to give you an update on my goings on.

I've been having a good time here in Pennsylvania. The move was tough, but I finally was able to accept reality that I was no longer in my parent's broom closet back at home, but in a broom closet somewhere else.

Homesick is a bit of vocabulary that comes to mind. I dearly miss my friends, Broomy, Dusty, and Vacunator. Oh the times we had. When all the other children were out playing games like Soccer, Tag and the recently outlawed Cops and Robbers, I was scoffing at them as I played "Clean House" with my special friends.

It just isn't the same with my new friends. While Moppy and Raggy are kind and all, I just can't help but feel as though I'm an alien in a foreign land. The closet I now stay in just doesn't have that same, sweet moldy smell my old one did. Plywood just isn't the same as good oak.

Mayb that explains this dream I had. I was walking down the street when a strange and unpleasent sight caught my eyes. I saw the most cruel of acts being done to a fire hydrant! A celestial force of miniscule proportion with herculean effot was continually beating upon this fire hydrant with a wooden axe. Working against my baser instincts, I rose to the occaision and fended out the force to save the hydrant. The hydrant proceeded to heap affections upon me by slowly consuming my flesh happily.

I think the celestial force said something like, "The radishes will triumph over the dawn of numbers." That or, "Fine, be that way."

Were I to try to play Freud and analyze this strange dream, I'd guess that maybe I should avoid fire hydrants for a while. That or not have midnight snacks of straight horseradish.

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